When it comes to fishing, the striped bass is one of the Bay's most popular species. How much do you know about these fish?

1. Which of these is not another name for striped bass?

A. Linesider
B. Rockfish
C. Striper
D. Zebrafish

2. The striped bass is a state fish of which of these two Chesapeake Bay states?

A. Maryland
B. New York
C. Pennsylvania
D. Virginia

3. How many stripes does a striped bass have on each side?

A. 4-5
B. 5-6
C. 6-7
D. 7-8

4. What do young striped bass eat?

A. Algae
C. Small Planktonic Crustaceans
B. Submerged Aquatic Vegetation
D. Younger striped bass/Striped bass eggs

5. What do adult striped bass eat?

A. Worms & Squid
B. Menhaden & Anchovies
C. Blue crabs & Soft clams
D. All of the above

True or false? Striped bass have tooth patches on their tongues.


2-A & B
6 is true