The Pennsylvania Game Commission, in a partnership with HDOnTap, Comcast Business and Friends of Codorus State Park will again offer the Pennsylvania "Nest Cam," which covers a bald eagles' nest near Hanover, PA, during this winter and spring’s breeding season. Take this quiz to learn more about the birds you are watching. 

1. How many bald eagles are estimated to live in North America?
A. 70,000
B. 80,000
C. 90,000
D. 100,000

2. How high can bald eagles fly?
A. 5,000 feet
B. 7,500 feet
C. 10,000 feet
D. 12,500 feet

3. What are several eagles soaring together in a thermal called?
A. A congress of eagles
B. A kettle of eagles
C. A propulsion of eagles
D. A whirlpool of eagles

4. Eagles’ nests are usually at least 2 feet deep and 5 feet across. The parents add more sticks to the nest each year. The heaviest eagle nests found weighed:
A. 750 pounds
B. 1,000 pounds
C. 1,500 pounds
D. 2,000 pounds

5. What is an eagle’s nest called?
A. An aerie
B. A basket
C. A cache
D. A wreath

6. Bald eaglets’ first plumage is brown. How old are they when they acquire their distinctive white head and brown body feathers?
A. 1–2 years
B. 2–3 years
C. 3–4 years
D. 4–5 years

7. How long can a bald eagle live in the wild?
A. 10–20 years
B. 20–30 years
C. 30–40 years
D. 40–50 years

8. The courtship of bald eagles resembles what human activity?
A. Cartwheels
B. Hide & Seek
C. Leapfrog
C. Tag

9. True or false? Bald eagles mate for life until one of the pair dies.

1-A, 2-C, 3-B, 4-D, 5-A, 6-D, 7-B, 8-A, 9-true