Did you know that the Bay has underwater grass meadows? The plants found in the Chesapeake's shallow waters are called submerged aquatic vegetation, or SAV for short. Bay Naturalist, on the back page, explains why these grasses are an important resource. It also tells why they are in trouble. Here is a quiz to test what you know about SAV. If you read Bay Naturalist, you will know all of the answers.

1. There are 16 common SAV species in the Bay. Three of the most important species for wildlife are:

A. Redhead Grass, Widgeon Grass & Eelgrass
B. Coontail, Hydrilla & ?Eurasian watermilfoil
C. Sago Pondweed, Water Stargrass & Common Waterweed

2. Because SAV are green plants, they produce something that is valuable for creatures that live in the Bay. What is it?

A. Nitrogen
B. Oxygen
C. Sediment

3. Which two of these creatures eat SAV?

A. Crabs
B. Wigeon Ducks
C. Zooplankton

4. Which two of these animals find shelter in SAV meadows?

A. Young Crabs
B. Young Striped Bass
C. Young Oysters

5. Bay grasses once covered up to 200,000 acres in the Bay, Now they are in trouble. Which of these are harming SAV?

A. Too much nutrients, which cause algae blooms
B. Too much sediment from shoreline erosion and runoff
C. Too much sun
D. A & B


1. A
2. B
3. B & C
4. A & B
5. A & B