The second issue of Bay Journeys is incorporated in this issue of Bay Journal; we hope you enjoy it, and that it inspires you to go out and experience the region's natural, cultural and historic resources.

After all, the intent of our new publication is to build support for Bay restoration by encouraging people to get a hands-on perspective of an ecosystem that's considered a national treasure. That familiarity can lead to a greater sense of stewardship.

We're pleased that the feedback for our first issue, which was distributed in the June Bay Journal, was overwhelmingly positive. As a result, we've expanded the distribution network for the 20,000 stand-alone copies of Bay Journeys that are available at stores and tourism venues throughout the region.

If you would like to have bundles of Bay Journeys (or Bay Journals) shipped to a location where they would be available to the public, let us know. Contact me at 717-428-2819, or e-mail requests to

And, as always, please feel free to pass on your thoughts.

Craving more about caves?

A member of the National Speleological Society wrote to praise Lara Lutz's article on karst geology in the Bay watershed ("Many are in the dark about importance of caves to water quality," July-August) and to tell us that it has a large and active membership in the region that can help introduce people to the caves, which are a key karst feature.

The society is a national organization that promotes caving and cave-related science, and has "grottoes" (local chapters) in many cities in the watershed.

It also publishes a monthly news magazine: The Journal of Cave and Karst Studies, a peer-reviewed journal. All of this can be found on the society's website,

Getting too many Bay Journals? Tell us

Several readers reported getting three copies of the July-August issue of the Bay Journal. This appears to have been related to a glitch in new mail-handling software, which we believe has been fixed. If you continue to get multiple copies, please let us know.

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