In the 30 years since the state-federal Chesapeake Bay Program was created, volunteers throughout the watershed have played an important role in halting decades of degradation.

They have planted countless trees, removed unfathomable amounts of trash from streams, monitored stream health, and taken a wide variety of other actions to improve their local waterways and the health of the Bay.

If you haven’t pitched in already, you will get plenty of opportunities in the coming month.

To raise awareness of the Bay Program’s 30th anniversary and to celebrate the past — and future — importance of volunteers to the overall restoration effort, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay, Choose Clean Water Coalition, and Chesapeake Bay Foundation have launched the “30 Events for 30 Years: Planting Seeds for the Future” initiative.

In partnership with more than a dozen local organizations, the initiative includes tree plantings, stream cleanups and other restoration actions throughout the watershed.

“Since the beginning, ordinary citizens,motivated by love of nature and a sense of personal stewardship, have volunteered their time and resources in so many ways,” said Al Todd, executive director of the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay. “Picking up trash, planting trees, restoring streams and monitoring water quality are just some of the ways that volunteers can ensure the health of our rivers and streams. Each step is a step toward securing the Bay’s future.”

Find a restoration event near you with this interactive map.