Pirates will set upon houses throughout the watershed in search of treasure this month. Fortunately for homeowners, unlike the more infamous pirates in history, they will be trick-or-treaters intent on candy and trinkets. Here are some words associated with pirates. Can you match them up with their definitions?

Baltimore Clipper
Drum Point
Jolly Roger
Palmer’s Island

1. This is the act of attacking a ship on a body of water.

2. This is a fast-sailing ship used by Americans during the War of Independence and War of 1812 to capture, raid and/or sink enemy ships. The British called the city most famous for building this ship “a nest of pirates.” The ultimate goal of the British attack on Fort McHenry during the War of 1812 was to destroy this city’s shipyards. Name the ship.

3. This is a patriot or pirate depending on one’s point of view. These sailors had a license from the government of one country to capture and raid the ships of that country’s enemies when they were at war.

4. This is the nickname for the flag bearing a skull and crossbones that is traditionally associated with pirate ships.

5. This is a large ship with many decks. It was heavily armed to fight enemy ships, as well as pirates.

6. This was originally used to describe 17th century pirates who attacked Spanish ships in the Caribbean. Today, it is another name for pirate.
7. This is a short sword with a slightly curved blade used by pirates and other fighters at sea.

8. The first act of piracy in the Chesapeake Bay occurred near here in 1635. William Claiborne, a Virginian who owned a plantation near Kent Island, MD, was enraged when a small boat from Maryland approached his land. He ordered one of his men to capture the boat. Hint: Today, this place is known as Garret Island.

9. This is one of the most infamous pirates in history. He occasionally used the Eastern Shore as a hideout when planning his raids.

10. This was the site of what is considered one of the last acts of “piracy” (in the classical sense) in the Chesapeake in 1807. French pirates aboard the General Massena captured and raided the Othello, a Boston merchant ship bound for Baltimore. All of the perpetrators were caught. Tensions ran high at the time (pre-War of 1812) and a conflict was narrowly averted only when it was determined that the pirates had acted on their own and not under orders, or with the approval of France, which had several ships in the area.


1. Piracy
2. Baltimore Clipper
3. Privateers
4. Jolly Roger
5. Galleon
6. Buccaneer
7. Cutlass
8. Palmer’s Island
9. Blackbeard
10. Drum Point