Can you match up these famous Pennsylvanians with facts about them?


1. This Pennsylvanian published Poor Richard's Almanack. It contained information about weather, astronomy and many other topics. It was also popular for its proverbs. One of many famous quotes from this Pennsylvanian is: "When the well's dry, we know the worth of water."

2. This founder of Pennsylvania wrote the commonwealth's first conservation law in which one acre in every five was to be conserved.

3. This man, who lived for a time along French Creek, is better known as Johnny Appleseed. Despite stories told about him, he did not randomly plant seeds, but built up nurseries, which he fenced in and left in the care of neighbors. He was also fond of animals. He once put out a campfire because mosquitoes were flying into it and getting burnt.

4. This naturalist is known for his bird illustrations. He is also the first known bird bander. He discovered that Eastern phoebes annually returned to the same nest sites by tying a piece of yarn around one of their legs.

5. This famous author learned about nature while growing up on the family's farm near the Allegheny River. She began writing stories about animals at the age of 8. Her first story was published when she was only 10 years old.


1. Ben Franklin
2. William Penn
3. John Chapman
4. John J. Audubon
5. Rachel Carson