For some, October is the month to dwell on the odd and unusual. In each list here, three of the items have at least one thing in common. You are asked to pick the odd man out. Answers and explanations are below.

1. Winnie Estelle, Dee of St. Mary’s, Nathan of Dorchester, HM Krentz

2. Mile-a-minute, wavyleaf basketgrass, poison ivy, garlic mustard

3. Great Dane, Chesapeake Bay retriever, golden retriever, American foxhound, Newfoundland

4. Belted kingfisher, pileated woodpecker, tufted titmouse, black-capped chickadee

5. Comb jellyfish, dogwood flower, firefly, honey mushroom

6. Copperhead, Eastern yellowjacket, rockfish, Atlantic oyster

7. White flounder, windowpane, hogchoker, mummichog

8. Monticello, Mount Vernon, Wheatland, Montpelier


Answers & Explanations

1. All are famous Chesapeake vessels. The Winnie Estelle is a buyboat; the others are skipjacks.
2. Poison ivy is the only native North American species; garlic mustard is from Europe; wavyleaf basketgrass and mile-a-minute are from Asia.
3. The Newfoundland is the official state dog of Oregon. The others are official dogs of Chesapeake Bay states: Great Dane [PA], Chesapeake Bay retriever [MD], golden retriever [DE], American foxhound [VA].
4. All but the black-capped chickadee have tufted crests on their head.
5. All but the dogwood flower are luminescent under the right conditions.
6. The Atlantic oyster is the only creature that isn’t striped. 
7. All of these species are flatfish except for the mummichog.
8. Of all of these presidential homes, Wheatland, in Lancaster, PA [James Buchanan] is the only one not located in Virginia: Monticello [Thomas Jefferson], Mount Vernon [George Washington], Montpelier [James Madison].