After all of the words related to nutrients in the region are found, the leftover letters will spell out an important message. Words are hidden horizontally, vertically and diagonally, as well as backward and forward. (Words in parentheses do not appear in the puzzle.)

AIR (About 30% of the nitrogen entering the Bay is part of air pollution.)

ALGAE (excess nutrients cause algae blooms)

AMMONIA (This dissolved form of nitrogen from decaying matter or manure is the preferred form for algae growth.)

AUTOS (Car exhaust is a source of air pollution, which delivers nitrogen to the Bay.)


BIOFUEL (proposed use for the excess nutrients found in manure)

BLOOMS (algae blooms)

BNR (biological nutrient removal - a process used to remove nutrients from wastewater)



FARMS (source of excess fertilizer, which contains excess nutrients)


MANURE (source of excess nutrients)



PHOSPHATES (the salt of phosphoric acid. A ban on phosphates in detergents led to a great reduction in phosphorus pollution in the Bay.)



POULTRY (Poultry litter [manure] contributes to excess loads of phosphorus.)


RUNOFF (runoff from streets and roads is a source of excess nitrogen)

SEPTIC (source of excess nitrogen in groundwater)

SOIL (Erosion off farms often carries excess phosphorus, which attaches itself to soil.)

STRATEGIES (States are writing tributary strategies to remove nutrients from waterways.)

SWINE (Swine manure contributes to excess nutrients running off farms.)

SWITCHGRASS (Planting switchgrass helps to absorb excess nutrients in the soil.)