Effective immediately, the editorial office of the Bay Journal has a new e-mail address: bayjournal@gscyclone.com

(Mail list additions or changes should continue to be directed to the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay at: mail@acb-online.org)

Notice to Readers

We’d like to thank everyone who responded to our recent first-class letter to people on the Bay Journal mailing list.

The purpose was to help update the list. Because the Bay Journal is mailed bulk rate, copies are not always returned from invalid addresses or forwarded when people move.

As a result of the mailing, we received thousands of address changes and corrections. The volume of response was so great that not all of the changes could be made to the mailing list for this issue.

If your mailing label has not yet been changed, please have patience. We hope to have the list fully updated by the next issue.

Thanks again for your help.