The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. There are almost 100 NPS sites in the Chesapeake watershed, ranging from national parks and trails to historic sites and farms to military parks and memorials. Activities at them are equally diverse. Here is a list of scrambled words describing recreational activities for visitors. (Not all activities are offered at all sites.) Answers are below.

1. Into the woods: U N E R A T     K L A W S
2. More chill than thrill: E R X L A
3. Go back in time: Y O S H I R T   G R A M P S O R
4. A wheelie good time: Y E C B L I C
5. Write all about it: J U N G O L A R N I
6. Fewer lights mean heavenly sights: Z I G R A N T S A G
7. At home in the wild: C A P K K I N G C A B
8. Bring your binoculars: D R I B     G N A W T H I C
9. Get hooked on National Parks: H I F I N G S
10. Paddle up: N O A C E
11. You’re smarter than ever: L E R A N



1. Nature walks
2. Relax
3. History programs
4. Bicycle
5. Journaling
6. Stargazing
7. Backpacking
8. Bird watching
9. Fishing
10. Canoe
11. Learn