An unusually wet summer in parts of the Chesapeake Bay watershed has produced a bumper crop of mushrooms. Can you match up these mushrooms with their descriptions and illustrations?

Death Cap
Gem-Studded Puffball
Shaggy Mane
Thick-Footed Morel
Thick Maze Oak Polypore

1. This mushroom has a name for almost every life stage. When it
is young and pale, it is called a "White ---." As it matures, its bright color and deep wrinkles earn it the names "honeycomb ---" or "yellow ---." At the end of its growing season, it can be 18 inches high and 6 inches thick at its base. At this final stage it is known by the name on the list. This is also the stage depicted in the illustration.

2. This mushroom, as its name implies, is one of the deadliest mushrooms. Its cap color ranges from olive to yellowish green to white. When young, it gives off a sweetish smell that soon turns foul.

3. The gills of this fuzzy-looking mushroom liquefy with age, turning its white cap to pink, then purple, then inky black. Those who would
regard this as a delicate mushroom should know
that it has been known to pop up through asphalt.

4. This olive brown mushroom has cone-shaped scales that fall off easily. It starts out solid and turns powdery on the inside as its spores mature. These are released through a hole in the top of the mushroom.

5. The color of this tough mushroom ranges from gray to mustard. It is found on trees. It gets its names from the many thin tubes found on its underside.


1. (A) Thick-Footed Morel
1. (D) Death Cap
2. (E) Shaggy Mane
3. (B) Gem-Studded Puffball
5. (C) Thick Maze Oak Polypore