How much do you know about these well-known rivers flowing through Maryland? Can you match each river with its description?


1. This river starts in New York and flows through Pennsylvania before entering the Bay at Havre de Grace, MD. It is 444 miles long and is the longest river on the U.S. East Coast. Geologists believe that it is either the oldest or second oldest river in the world.

2. Both this river and its watershed are located entirely in the state of Maryland. Pottery and the points of spears and arrows found in archeology digs along this river indicate that Native Americans have lived along this river since at least 6500 BC.

3. Fresh and saltwater mix during the last 10 miles of this river, thus it is considered an estuary. Part of this river's tidal section makes up the Baltimore Harbor. Francis Scott Key was prisoner on a British ship in this river watching the Battle of Baltimore during the war of 1812 when he was inspired to write what would become our country's national anthem, "The Star-Spangled Banner."

4. All of Washington, D.C., is located in this river's watershed. Virginia and Maryland argued for almost 400 years over which colony and later, state, controlled this river. The Chesapeake and Ohio Canal operated from 1831–1924 along the Maryland shore of this river. This was made necessary because the Great Falls of this river, a section with many rapids, made passage through this portion impossible, and the river's steady slope from the mountains down toward sea level made travel upstream difficult.


1. Susquehanna River
2. Patuxent River
3. Patapsco River
4. Potomac River