This month's Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network article features Point Lookout State Park. The lighthouse there is said to be one of the most haunted in the United States. If you have read the article on page 10, it should be easy to scare up the answers to these questions.

1. Point Lookout State Park is located in what state?

A. Delaware
B. Maryland
C. Pennsylvania
D. Virginia

2. Volunteer Bob Crickenberger says that he doesn't believe in ghosts, but one time he was startled by something unusual. What was it?

A. He heard a voice in an empty room.
B. He saw a shadow walk through a wall.
C. He smelled smoky canvas when there was neither a tent nor campfire nearby.
D. Something kept tapping him on his shoulder when he was alone in a room.

3. Long before Point Lookout got its haunted reputation, it was a very scary place for Confederate soldiers. Why?

A. It was surrounded by Union supporters.
B. It was a Union prisoner of war camp.
C. They lost a major battle at Point Lookout.
D. There were venomous snakes lurking in the wetlands where they hid from Union soldiers.

4. According to the article, which of these ghostly noises have been reported at Point Lookout? There is more than one answer.

A. Screaming
B. Singing
C. Snoring
D. Talking

5. Most of the mysterious events started taking place after 1966. What happened that year.

A. The lighthouse was replaced by an automated tower.
B. Lightning struck the lighthouse.
C. The keeper died after falling down the lighthouse steps.
D. An addition was built onto the lighthouse.

6. What happens on Blue & Gray Days each spring at Point Lookout?

A. Foggy weather and rain during these days make it easier to see ghosts.
B. Re-enactors recreate what life was like at a Civil War Fort.
C. The lighthouse is given a fresh coat of blue and gray paint.
Gray kites are flown in the blue skies above Point Lookout.


1. B - Maryland
2. C - He smelled smoky canvas.
3. B - Union prisoner of war camp
4. B, C, D - Singing, snoring, talking
5. A - It was replaced by an automated tower.
6. B - Re-enactors recreate life in a Civil War fort.