Use the words in the list below to fill in the blanks in these sentences about tree leaves.




Compound Leaf







1. The long, thin leaves of pines and other evergreens are called__________.

2. When a single leaf’s shape is deeply divided, the parts of the leaf that stick out are called _________. The space between these parts is called a sinus.

3. A _______ is the name given to a very young leaf that has yet to develop.

4. The leaves, along with the branches and twigs, at the top of a tree are collectively called the tree’s ________.

5. In some trees, the ___________ is a scale or pair of scales found where the leafstalk is attached to the tree.

6. ________ trees are those that drop their leaves within a short time and are leafless for part of the year.

7. The chemical ___________ is what makes a leaf green. In the fall, when the tree no longer makes this chemical, the leaf’s true color appears.

8. The black walnut has a ___________. Each leaf consists of completely separate parts.

9. The wide, flat part of a leaf is called a ___________.

10. The individual parts of a compound leaf are called _____________.


1. Needle 2. Lobes 3. Bud 4. Crown 5. Stipule 6. Deciduous 7. Chlorophyll 8. Compound Leaf 9. Blade 10. Leaflets