Here are some basic land and water terms for students of the Chesapeake. Can you match the name with its description?


1. This is the name for a partly enclosed body of water in which the water from a river mixes with the tidal salty water from a bay, sea or ocean.

2. This is the edge between the water and land. In some cases, it specifically refers to the strip of land between the high– and low-water marks along this boundary.

3. This is a stream or river that flows into a larger body of water.

4. This is a large inlet of water that is part of an even larger body of water. Often, it is created when a landform reduces or blocks some of the winds and waves entering from the larger body of water.

5. This the area of land from which all of the rain, streams and rivers flow into one body of water. It is sometimes referred to as a drainage basin.

6. This is a point of land that juts out into a large body of water.

7. Gravitational pull from the sun and the moon causes ocean water to rise and rush into bays and rivers. Once it has reached its peak, the water falls as it rushes back into the ocean. This cycle occurs roughly every 12 hours. This term refers to this rising and falling process.


1. Estuary
2. Shore
3. Tributary
4. Bay
5. Watershed
6. Cape
7. Tides