Summer is here, and it’s time for our annual break to give our staff a chance to unwind and head outside.

But until the next issue shows up in early September, we have plenty of ideas for activities to keep you busy on our Bulletin Board pages and our expanded Bay Journeys section of this issue, plus hikes in Chesapeake Challenge (you’ll have to solve the quiz first).

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Introducing the Local Government edition

One thing that’s been keeping us busy is the new Local Government edition of the Bay Journal.

Late this spring, we distributed the first installment of the quarterly paper, sending it to most local governments and many individual local officials in the Bay watershed.

This paper was developed partly in response to a survey by the University of Virginia Institute for Environmental Negotiation, which found that many of the local officials they interviewed throughout the watershed said that they had been provided with little information about their role in Chesapeake Bay cleanup efforts over the years — or about what others were doing.

But engagement by local officials is more important than ever, as new state cleanup plans to be written next year are to include some type of measurable local goals.

The quarterly paper adapts some Bay Journal articles that may be of particular interest to local officials and incorporates new content tailored to help inform them about how they might be affected by Chesapeake Bay-related policies, as well as highlight actions that others are taking.

If you are with a local agency or an organization working on local issues, and would like to receive the free paper, email us at We also have a limited number of the first edition for distribution upon request.

In the meantime, get outside and enjoy your summer!