During his exploration of the Bay in 1608, Capt. John Smith came across a group of islands he collectively named Russel Isles, in honor of a doctor who saved his life. The two most prominent islands in the group are known today as Smith and Tangier islands. Test yourself on how well you know these Chesapeake communities.

1. On which island are most of the residents Crocketts or descendants of Crocketts?

2. What famous Smith Island sweet was named the official dessert of Maryland in 2008?

A. Chocolate sand tart cookies
B. Peach vanilla parfait
C.Multi-layer cake
D. Sweet potato-pecan pie

3. The residents of both islands speak with an accent that traces back to its earliest settlers. What region of England were they from?

A. Cornwall
B. Cotswolds
C. Lancashire
D. Sussex

4. Joshua Thomas, known as the "parson of the islands," introduced this religion to both islands, where it remains the main form of worship. What is it?

A. Catholicism
B. Lutheranism
C. Methodism
D. Presbyterianism

5. During the war of 1812, the British set up camp adjacent to Joshua Thomas' camp meeting grove. The British commander asked the parson to speak to his men before they set off to take the city of Baltimore. Thomas obliged, and told them that God had told him that they would be defeated-and they were. On what island did this sermon take place?


1. Tangier
2. C
3. A
4. C
5. Tangier