Can you find the aquatic creature hidden in each of these sentences? Each of the answers contains a letter in the secret message below. The number after each sentence tells you which letter of the answer goes in the spaces below. For example, Sentence A is followed by the number 2. This means that the second letter in the answer belongs in the space above the letter A; in sentence B, it is the third letter of the answer that goes in the space above the letter B; and so on.

Example: Everybody laughed when StefFI’S Hat landed on the fence post. [3]

A.The boy’s terrific joke did not amuse their teacher. [2]

B. Moss often grows on shady trees or lawns. [3]

C. If Roger wins the race, he will be undefeated for the season. [2]

D. Because the garbage in the river made him mad, Tom organized a cleanup. [4]

E. After the spilled fertilizer fiasco, Eric lambasted the landscaping company. [1]

F. Follow or make your own path in life. [3]

G. Meet Cindi at O’Malley’s Irish Pub after the lacrosse match. [2]

H. True elegance involves both breeding and practice. [1]

I. Despite what the critics said, Sarah thought the movie was not terrible. [2]

J. Don’t panic, rabies is not as common as you think. [4]

These animals are also:

__ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ __ S.
J B A E C G I D H F [example]


A. Oyster [Y] B. Shad [A] C. Frog [R] D. Madtom [T] E. Clam [C] F. Worm [R] G. Diatom H. Eel [E] I. Otter [T] J. Crab [C] These animals are also BAY CRITTERS.