Can you find the oyster-related word that is hidden in every sentence?

Example: Mr. Bofil terminated the contract with the caterer after the pickle mishap came to light.

1. Leroy’s terrible tantrums put everyone on edge at the company’s annual picnic.

2. The milk carton goes in the refrigerator, not in the cupboard shelf!

3. Daniel’s desktop is in order most of the time.

4. Sarah’s pawn was in danger from her opponent’s well-placed rook.

5. If you want to skip, Jackie, you will have to go outdoors.

6. That pear looks like it’s ripe enough to eat without risking a stomach ache.

7. You’re efficient when it comes to cleaning up the environment.

8. Dashing everywhere at once frequently gets you nowhere fast.

9. I have a hard time remembering how to properly use a dash, ellipse or a semicolon in my writing.

10. Gabe deserved the award for his science project on nutrients.

11. The new pet store had more than one hundred gerbils for sale during its recent rodent promotion.

12. The engineer said the spaceship’s malfunction was caused by a solar vacuum.

13. Jim’s x-ray revealed that he had broken his leg in two places while mountain biking.

14. The vegetables at the health spa tasted like they were just picked off the vine.


1. filter 2. oyster 3. tong 4. dermo 5. skipjack 6. pearl 7. reef 8. hinge 9. shell 10. bed 11. dredge 12. larva 13. msx 14. spat