According to Children's National Medical Center’s Safe Kids Worldwide, only 45 percent of children younger than 14 wear a helmet when riding a bicycle. Common reasons given for not wearing a helmet are that they are not “cool” or are too hot. Perhaps answering the questions in this quiz will help to knock some sense into the skulls of non-users before the pavement does it for them.

1. Bicycling is not the only sport responsible for sending children ages 5–14 to the emergency room for injuries. Which of these sports is responsible for sending the most children to the hospital?
A. Bicycling
B. Football
C. Skateboarding
D. Soccer

2. In the event of a crash, wearing a bicycle helmet will reduce the risk of a brain or head injury by what percent?
A. 55–58 percent
B. 65–68 percent
C. 75–78 percent
D. 85–88 percent

Wearing a helmet is only half of the equation. It is important to wear a helmet correctly. These next few questions are a test to see if you know how to stay fit with a proper fit.

3. The Eyes Have It: If the helmet both fits and is worn properly, what will you see when looking up?
A. The sky
B. The bottom rim of the helmet
C. Your forehead
D. The inside of the helmet

4. Ears Some Advice: Where should your ears be when properly wearing a helmet?
A. Snugly inside the helmet
B. Snugly inside the V formed by the straps
C. Comfortably in front of the V formed by the straps
D. Comfortably behind the V formed by the straps

5. You Said It: If the helmet fits snugly when you open your mouth as wide as you can, what should you do?
A. Loosen it
B. Tighten it
C. Nothing
D. Close your mouth so bugs don’t fly in

6. The Nose Knows: Hold your hand up flat, and palm-front, then bring it toward your face. If the helmet is positioned properly, what should your hand hit first?
A. Your helmet
B. Your nose

This quiz is geared toward children, but the tips are also relevant for bicyclists of all ages. Much of the information for this puzzle and additional safety tips are found at


1. A
2. D
3. B
4. B
5. C (Although D isn’t a bad a idea while riding a bike.)
6. A