The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s recently released “Native Plants for Wildlife Habitat & Conservation Landscaping” offers detailed information about fern, herbaceous, shrub, tree, grass and vine species that are native to the Chesapeake watershed and are either common or available at local nurseries. Included in each plant’s description is its value for attracting wildlife.

Looking at some of the species’ names, though, might lead a reader to conclude that some of the animals are already present. Use the list of animals on the right to fill in the names of the plant species on the left. The species with an asterisk are those that are considered particularly valuable for wildlife. (The blurb for plant 31, though, notes that it is poisonous to hoofed browsers and is avoided by deer.)

To order a copy of the booklet, contact: the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Chesapeake Bay Field Office, 177 Admiral Cochrane Drive, Annapolis, MD 21401, phone 410-573-4593, or e-mail Leave your name, mailing address, and number of copies requested (up to 10).

1. Star _____weed
2. _____ Lily
3. _____flower*
4. _____ Parsnip
5. _____ Cabbage*
6. _____ Balm*
7. Nodding Beggar-_____*
8. _____mint*
9. _____-tongue
10. Wake _____
11. _____ Milkweed*
12. Field _____toes*
13. _____ Potato*
14. Canada _____flax
15. _____nut*
16. _____eye*
17. _____ Oak*
18. _____bush*
19. _____’s Beard
20. Virginia _____wort
21. False _____head*
22. _____ Fern
23. Sweet _____apple*
24. _____head*
25. _____’s Tail*
26. _____ Corn
27. Silky _____wood*
28. _____weed*
29. _____ Pea*
30. _____ Sedge*
31. _____ Laurel
32. _____ Honeysuckle*


A. Bear
B. Bee
C. Butterfly
D. Chick
E. Coral
F. Cow
G. Crab
H. Deer
I. Dog
J. Dragon
K. Duck
L. Fox
M. Goat
N. Horse
O. Monkey
P. Lizard
Q. Ox
R. Partridge
S. Pickerel
T. Pig
U. Pussy
V. Rattlesnake
W. Robin
X. Shad
Y. Sheep
Z. Skunk
AA. Spider
BB. Squirrel
CC. Ticks
DD. Toad
EE. Trout
FF. Turtle


1-D 2-EE 3-O 4-F 5-Z 6-B 7-CC 8-N 9-H 10-W 11-C 12-U 13-K 14-DD 15-T 16-Q 17-A 18-X 19-M 20-AA 21-J 22-V 23-G 24-FF 25-P 26-BB 27-I 28-S 29-R 30-L 31-Y 32-E