This is the time of year when one hears talk of ghosts and other scary stories. This month's challenge is devoted to ghosts-those of animals that were once found in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia but are extirpated (no longer found living in the wild in the state).

How much do you know about these vanishing creatures?

1. Fill in the blanks. Bachman's
(VA) and Bachman's (MD, PA) are extirpated species.

A. Hummingbird & Woodpecker
B. Hummingbird & Sparrow
C. Warbler & Sparrow
D. Warbler & Woodpecker

2. The Cumberland bean, rayed bean and pink mucket are three of the extirpated species in Virginia. What kind of creatures are these?

A. Butterflies
B. Clams
C. Moths
D. Mussels

3. Although there are some who claim that this creature can still be found in the more remote places of some Bay states, the majority of experts believe that this creature has used up all of its lives here. What animal is this?

4. This large butterfly (2.625-3.625 inches) is disappearing along with its preferred habitat, moist tallgrass prairies. An extirpated species in Maryland and endangered species in Pennsylvania, it is also found in wet meadows. This butterfly is deep orange with very dark hindwings featuring two bands of spots. Both bands are white on the female. The male's outer band of spots is orange. The adults drink nectar from thistles and milkweeds, while the caterpillars feast on violet species. Which species is it?

A. Fiery Fritillary
B. Flaming Swallowtail
C. Pumpkin Swallowtail
D. Regal Fritillary

5. Pennsylvania has reintroduced three of these animals that were once extirpated in the state. Which of this is still missing?

A. Bald eagle
B. Fisher
C. Osprey
D. Pine Marten

6. Despite its name, this animal has been "silenced" in Virginia. Meanwhile, its mute cousin-an exotic, invasive species-continues to thrive. What is the name of this creature.

A. Trumpeter Swan
B. Trumpeter Warbler
C. Whistling Swan
D. Whistle Pig

7. Which of these are linked to extirpations (and extinctions) in the Bay states?

A. Habitat Loss
B. Hunting
C. Invasive Species
D. All of the Above

8. The golden-banded skipper, Hessel's hairstreak and tawny crescent are extirpated in Maryland. What kind of creaturesare these?

A. Butterflies
B. Clams
C. Fish
D. Mussels

9. It's a dog-eat-dog world out there. Three of these species have been extirpated in at least one Bay state. Which one hasn't?

A. Gray Fox
B. Gray Wolf
C. Mudpuppy
D. Red Wolf


1. C
2. D
3. Cougar, Puma or Mountain Lion
4. D
5. D
6. A
7. D
8. A
9. A