Children riding across Maryland's Eastern Shore en route to the shore this summer will have a chance to learn about the Chesapeake Bay.

Toll collectors at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge will distribute the "Maryland Bay Game" to children, who can play it while traveling the major routes between the bridge and Ocean City.

The game, produced by the Maryland Department of Natural Resources, is designed to be played from the car's back seat during the 2 1/2 hour trip.

Players are challenged to find Bay-related things, such as an osprey nest, wetlands, farm fields and forest buffers, as they make the trip. As these items are found, players take stickers from the centerfold of the 24-page booklet and place them on matching symbols. The first several sites will be marked with temporary road signs.

The game is also filled with puzzles and other activities that will help children - and their parents - learn about the Bay, its watershed, rivers, streams, watermen, agriculture and wildlife as they make the trip.

The game can be played by anyone 3 years and up, but it is targeted at ages 8 to 13.

Also, children will be encouraged to draw their favorite Chesapeake Bay scene and mail it to the DNR. Fifty-two will be selected to be displayed on the department's World Wide Web page, or one a week for a year. Those whose drawings are selected will receive a letter from the governor and an information packet about the Bay.

The booklets are expected to be available at the toll booths beginning Memorial Day weekend.