I was delighted to read "Wade In shows clear results in Bay cleanup effort" (Bay Journal, July-August 1997). In 1981, I participated as an assistant to John McGlennon and Peter Clark in the mediation process through which agencies, organizations, companies and individuals concerned about the Patuxent River agreed on an Action Plan for protecting the river.

Throughout the mediation process, Bernie Fowler said that his goal was a Patuxent River so clear that he could see his toes through the water. After the parties had reached agreement on the Action Plan, at the end of an intense, three-day workshop held at the Marriotsville Spiritual Center, Mr. Fowler was presented with a special pair of sneakers by some of the other parties. I am sure that he was not wearing those sneakers on June 8, 1997 when he recorded 44.5 inches on his Sneaker Index. As a sign of affection for Mr. Fowler, and perhaps to help Mr. Fowler reach his goal sooner rather than later, the other parties had attached light bulbs to the toes of the sneakers. Congratulations to all for the progress being made on the Patuxent!

Andrew M. Sachs
Coordinator, Dispute Settlement Center