The names of mushrooms and other fungi can be as weird as the mushrooms themselves. Here are sets of three names. In each trio, two are actual names of mushrooms and fungi found in the watershed. One name has been made up. Can you pick out the imposter?

1. Hen of the Woods, Turkey-tail, Rooster Comb

2. Dead Man's Fingers, Demon's Fang, Destroying Angel

3. Big Laughing Gym, Carbon Balls, Ropy Hoop Rings

4. Bright Gumdrop Slime, Carnival Candy Slime, Chocolate Tube Slime

5. Eyelash Cup, Fuzzy Toe Cup, Stalked Hairy Fairy Cup

6. Glossy Lips, Sweet Tooth, Velvety Earth Tongue

7. Moose Antlers, Squirrel Tears, Stinky Squid

8. Green Stain, Orange Peel, Purple Puddle

9. Green-Headed Jelly Club, Maple Tan Fence, Yellow Tuning Fork

1. Slippery Jill, Shady Lady, Witches Butter


The made-up name in each trio is:

1. Rooster Comb
2. Demon's Fang
3. Ropy Hoop Rings
4. Bright Gumdrop Slime
5. Fuzzy Toe Cup
6. Glossy Lips
7. Squirrel Tears
8. Purple Puddle
9. Maple Tan Fence
10. Shady Lady