Most people know what extinct means: a plant or animal species that is no longer living anywhere in the world. But species can also be extirpated. An extirpated species is one that is no longer found in an area where it once existed. An example of an extirpated species is the bison, which used to live in Pennsylvania. Bison are still found in the West, but they are an extirpated species in Pennsylvania because they no longer live in the wild there.

Below are the scrambled words of six animals that have been extirpated in at least one Bay state. When placed in the spaces to the right, the letters in the box will spell, from top to bottom, the name of a seventh animal.

1. C E R I T A R
2. O S O M E
3. T O U R T C H E R P
4. G A R Y F L O W
5. A W P I T I
6. L O V E W I N E R

1. Rice Rat
2. Moose
3. Trout Perch
4. Gray Wolf
5. Wapiti
6. Wolverine
Seventh extirpated species: Cougar