In October, the Bay Journal praised the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission's removals of dams for fish migration. The article also pointed out the new potential for kayaks and canoes to use the waterways.

I agree, but...There are no standards for dam removals.

It is a contracted business deal by those who neither canoe nor kayak.

Without standards for proper removal, the contractors leave rip-rap that is not the same as water and weather worn rocks. Those of us who boat are left with dangerous leftovers that can and will damage equipment and people who get entangled.

Please, use your contacts to correct this negligence. Enquire about the lack of standards and ask for better pre- and post-site evaluations.

Trust me, in Lancaster County, PA, where I live, I have fought this fight to deaf ears. I belong to the Lancaster Canoe Club. Nothing I say seems to be heard by the local contractors or the state Fish and Boat Commission.

I can show you negligence at Pearlman Park in Manheim Township and the Little Conestoga on Columbia Avenue.

Christine Brubaker
Lancaster, PA