Column cleared up mystery about sinking ship

I write to thank you for printing that very interesting piece about the Chicago by Kent Mountford. See “Bits of Bay history bob up in the Chicago’s wake,” June 2004.

Like many others in Alexandria, I had long wondered about that ship we saw sinking by the Wilson Bridge.

Lois Kent Hunt
Alexandria, VA

A dirge for days gone by

The following may interest you:

Ole oyster is in a sorry way.
Dead and dying in the Bay.

Once from decks we tonged them out
But ain’t no oysters here about.

Once we cooked them into a stew,
Clam chowder now has got to do.

Out of dough, can not cope.
The Asian oyster was my hope

But now she dies in Tarheel land.
My hope lies dead upon the sand.

Scientists say the news is bad—
No solution to be had.

Politicians can not decide
What to do or where to hide.

Times call a man, strong and able
To put the oyster upon my table.

A man to rise above the mob
To find a way, to give me a job.

Loy Wilkinson
Bridgewater, CT