Here are scrambled words related to cardinals and their definitions. After you have figured out what the words are, put the names in the spaces provided. The name of a bird feeder seed known for its ability to attract cardinals will appear in the shaded squares.

1. STREC - This is the name given to the cone-shaped tuft of feathers on top of the cardinal’s head.

2. UPC - This is the shape of a cardinal’s nest.

3. THRON - This is the direction that the cardinal’s range is extending, thanks in part to bird feeders.

4. FRESHTEA - These help to keep a cardinal warm in winter.

5. LIBL - This part of the cardinal is extra thick, which helps it to crack open seeds.

6. HATTOR - This is black on a cardinal.

7. GWIST - These are one of the materials used by cardinals to make a nest.

8. CHETKITS - Cardinals often build their nests in these.

9. DER - This is color of a male cardinal.


1. Crest 2. Cup 3. North 4. Feathers 5. Bill 6. Throat 7. Twigs

8. Thicket 9. Red Cardinal

Bird Feeder Treat: Sunflower (seed)