Hypothermia isn’t cool! If your body loses heat faster than it can produce it for a prolonged period, vital organs and the nervous system start to malfunction. If symptoms are allowed to go too far, death will result. Here is a quiz that includes symptoms to recognize hypothermia when it is early and how to treat it.

1. Two body organs are responsible for producing most of the body’s heat. As one’s core temperature starts to cool (hypothermia), these organs are unable to create enough heat to meet the body’s needs and it starts to shut down in an effort to save the brain. What are these two vital organs?
A. Heart & Lungs
B. Liver & Thyroid
C. Heart & Liver
D. Lungs & Thyroid

2. Normal body temperature is around 98.6 degree Fahrenheit. Although age, medications and medical conditions can cause hypothermia to set in faster, as a rule, hypothermia doesn’t start to set in until the body drops below what temperature?
A. 95 F
B. 93 F
C. 91 F
D. 89 F

3. Most heat loss (up to 90 percent) escapes from what part of the body?
A. Head
B. Lungs
C. Skin
D. Mouth

4. What are symptoms of hypothermia?
A. Slow, shallow breathing, drowsiness
B. Lack of coordination, stumbling, slurred speech
C. Confusion, inability to realize that they are freezing to death
D. Unconsciousness
E. All of the above

5. Shivering can be a very early sign of hypothermia. Shivering is a good sign, though. Why?
A. It releases heat-producing enzymes in the blood.
B. It shows that the body is still capable of trying to create heat on its own.
C. It causes body fat to move to the surface, which warms the skin.
D. People who shiver are immune from life-threatening forms of hypothermia.

6. Seek medical treatment for hypothermia, which can be life-threatening. What should be done in the meantime or if a medical facility is not readily available?
A. Replace any wet clothes with dry clothes or blankets.
B. Move the person to a warm place, away from the wind.
C. Use your own body heat if none of the above are available.
D. All of the above.

7. Drinking warm liquids is one way to treat hypothermia. Two of these liquids contain ingredients that actually cause the body to lose heat faster and should be avoided. What are they? (Warning: Don’t try to give warm fluids to an unconscious person!)
A. Alcohol
B. Cocoa
C. Coffee
D. Ginger Ale

8. Some clothes do a much better job preventing hypothermia than others. Each of these is recommended. Match it with the reason why:
Loose layers

A. Best insulation when wet or dry.
B. Wicks moisture away from the skin
C. Increases the circulation of warm blood

9. Cold water will cause the body to lose heat faster than cold air at the same temperature. How much faster is this rate?
A. 10% faster
B. 25% faster
C. 30% faster
D. 50% faster

Life jackets do more than help to prevent drowning. Here is another good reason to wear one: the U.S. Coast Guard’s 50/50/50 rule: Your chance of surviving in 50 F water for 50 minutes is 50 percent better if you are wearing a life vest.


7-A & C