The Chesapeake Bay and its watershed are rich in their variety of resources. Can you name an example from the Chesapeake Bay or its watershed that begins with each of the letters below for each category. More than one answer is possible.

Categories: Water Birds, Snakes, Insects, Mammals, Amphibians, SAV

Letters: C, H, E, S, W


Water Birds: canvasback, heron, egret, scaup, wigeon
Snakes: copperhead, hognose snake, eastern diamondback, smooth green snake, water snake
Insects: cricket, horntail, earwig, silverfish, wasp
Mammals: chipmunk, hare, elk, skunk, woodrat
Amphibians: chorus frog, hellbender, eastern mud salamander, slimy salamander, wood frog
SAV: coontail, hydrilla, eelgrass, sago pond weed, wild celery