How high can you score in this quiz about some of the taller points in the states of the Chesapeake watershed? Here are selected sites to match with their descriptions. (Unless noted otherwise, these sites are in the watershed.) Answers are on page 26.

Catoctin Mountain, MD
Ebright Azimuth, DE
Fort Reno, DC
Hoye Crest/Backbone Mountain, MD
Hawk Mountain, PA
Mount Davis, PA
Mount Marcy, NY
North Fork Mountain, wV
Mount Rogers, VA
Old Rag Mountain, VA
Spruce Knob, WV

1. At 447.85 feet, this point along a road only a few feet from the Pennsylvania border is the highest point in this Bay state/district. It is not in the watershed. Florida is the only state with a lower "high" point.

2. At 490 feet, this is the highest point for this state/district. It ranks third in the nation for the lowest "high" point in a state/district. It was involved in the only Civil War battle that took place in this state/district.

3. At 5,343 feet, this is the highest point in this state/district. It is not in the watershed. It is part of the Adirondacks Mountain Range. Vice President Theodore Roosevelt had just finished his descent of this mountain when he learned President William McKinley was not expected to survive the wounds from an assassination attempt, and that he, Roosevelt, would be the president of the United States.

4. At 3,213 feet, this is the highest point in this state/district. It is located just outside the watershed. Periglacial (areas not buried by glacial ice, but subject to intense freezing cycles) processes created patterns of unusual circular stone in the area. It regularly snows here from October to May with occasional traces of snow in June.

5. At 4,863 feet, this is the highest point in this state/district. Its summit is a relic boreal — the most common trees here are spruce and red pine — forest that is more commonly encountered in northern New England or Canada. It receives an average of 160 inches of snow each year.

6. At 5,729 feet, this is the highest point in this state/district. It is not in the watershed. Geologists have found evidence of volcanic action about 750 million years ago. It is one of the few places in the Southern Appalachians where one can find the Fraser fir, which only grows at altitudes higher than 5,000 feet. These stands are declining, the result of acid rain and an infestation of the nonnative balsam woolly adelgid.

7. At 3,360 feet, this is the highest point in this state/district. This peak is located along a ridge of the Allegheny Mountains that forms the boundary between the Chesapeake and Mississippi watersheds. At this peak, one can see the North Branch Potomac River valley to the east.

8. This mountain, located just outside the watershed, is part of the Blue Ridge Chain of the Appalachian Mountains. It is home to the world's oldest bird sanctuary, which is visited by thousands of birders each year who come to watch the annual migration of an average 20,000 raptors. The bird counts here, which began shortly after World War II, contain the longest record of raptor populations in the world.

9. This mountainous ridge, along with the Bull Run Mountains, is the easternmost front of the Blue Ridge Range. Large populations of timber rattlesnakes are found among its shattered rocks. Its mixed hardwood forest is also home to black bears, turkeys and deer; its name is said to be derived from a native Indian phrase meaning "place of many deer." Brook and brown trout are found in its clear streams.

10. This mountain, which is part of Shenandoah National Park, is unusual for ridges in the Blue Ridge Range in that it has a rocky summit. The popular, almost 9-mile hike to its summit is challenging and includes sections of rock scrambling. Hikers will encounter many false summits before reaching the peak!

11. This quartz-capped mountain ridge is the driest high mountain in the Appalachians. Its many habitats include pine barrens; an elfin forest of holly, birch and ash and mountain meadows.


1. Ebright Azimuth
2. Fort Reno
3. Mount Marcy
4. Mount Davis
5. Spruce Knob
6. Mount Rogers
7. Hoye Crest/ Backbone Mountain
8. Hawk Mountain
9. Catoctin Mountain
10. Old Rag Mountain
11. North Fork Mountain