The names of 10 plants in the Chesapeake watershed which bear berries or berry-like fruit that attract wildlife are hidden in the sentences below. Can you find them? (Note: the word "berry" does not appear in any of these sentences; thus, if the answer were blueberry, you would be looking for the word "blue" not "blueberry."

Example: The king's lesser vices were as appalling to his subjects as his greater crimes. Answer: service (berry)

1. The little shack has stood near the start of the forest path for twenty years.

2. The watershed group was wholly committed to preserving the landscape.

3. There is absolutely no way to say "shut up" eloquently.

4. Chuck let the cat out of the bag when he inadvertently told Ann about her surprise birthday party.

5. The tasty bun changed Ken's mind about his mother's baking skills.

6. Dan gleefully agreed to judge the pumpkin pie contest.

7. Her rival's willingness to cheat in order to win terribly upset Jane.

8. Restoring the Chesapeake is important to Bay scientists.

9. His ability to come up with the right sum actually surprised Jack given his poor math skills.

10. Eric ran the race in record time.


1. HACKberry
4. HUCKLEberry
5. BUNCHberry
6. DANGLEberry
7. WINTERberry
8. BAYberry
10. CRANberry