Are you at the top in your class or is your head in the clouds? Here are some words that are related to mountains. Can you match them with their definition? Answers are on page 26.


1. This landform is usually as wide as it is long, has a gentle slope and is less than 1,000 feet tall.

2. This is a long, narrow hill or mountain.

3. This is a grassy or shrubby, treeless area below the timberline of a mountain.

4. This is a large area of rocks or rock debris either sloping down a mountain or at the bottom of a cliff.

5. This is the height of a mountain above sea level.

6. This is the height on the mountain where the climate and/or soil conditions are too harsh for trees to grow.

7. No one can agree on a single definition for this landform. Generally, it is steep, and at least 1,000 feet from its base (or bottom) to its peak.

8. This is the highest point of a mountain or hill.

9. This is where a river or stream begins. Many times, the origin of a stream or river occurs on a mountain.

10. This is the word used to describe the dip in the ridge between two mountain peaks.

11. This is another word for the height of a mountain.

12. This is a mountain with a pointed top.


1. Hill
2. Ridge
3. Bald
4. Talus
5. Altitude
6. Timberline
7. Mountain
8. Summit
9. Headwaters
10. Saddle
11. Elevation
12. Peak