The facts listed here are no flights of fancy. Each describes a bird found in the watershed at some point of its life. Can you match them up? Answers are below.

Acadian flycatcher
American raven
Blackpoll warbler
Peregrine ralcon
Red-breasted merganser
Ruby-throated hummingbird

1. I can fly backwards and hover! (This comes in handy when plucking my insect meals from trees.)

2. I can fly upside down and one of my species was once recorded doing this for at least a kilometer!

3. I can fly 160 miles in one night!

4. I’m smart enough to know to hang onto a fish with its head facing forward because it makes my meal more aerodynamic when flying!

5. My dives have been recorded at 175 miles per hour or more!

6. My migration route can include 1,864 miles over water. This means I can fly almost 88 hours nonstop. And by the way, I weigh less than half an ounce.

7. My wings can beat 80 times in one second; this means that I can hover!

8. I hold the record for the fastest flight by a duck, at 100 miles per hour. You’d fly that fast, too, if you were being chased by an airplane like I was at the time.



1. Acadian flycatcher  
2. American raven 
3. Veery  
4. Osprey
5. Peregrine falcon  
6. Blackpoll warbler  
7. Ruby-throated hummingbird  
8. Red-breasted merganser