All of the answers to the questions in this quiz are found in the Bay Naturalist column, "No kidding! Goats are latest tool in restoring bog turtle habitat."

1. Why are goats ideal for restoring bog turtle habitat?

A. They like to eat the woody plants that take over the turtle's habitat.
B. They are careful not to step on the bog turtles.
C. Their manure is great fertilizer for plants that the bog turtles eat.
D. They keep out animals that prey on bog turtles.

2. Before European colonists settled in the Bay watershed, another animal was thought to have grazed on bog turtle wetlands, keeping the vegetation under control. Which animal was it?

A. Bison
B. Elk
C. Deer
D. Woolly Mammoth

3. Which of these plants pose the greatest threat to bog turtle habitat in the Bay watershed?

A. Poison ivy & Red maple
B. Red maple & Multiflora rose
C. Norway maple & Multiflora rose
D. Norway maple & Poison ivy

4. What, in addition to the loss of habitat, is blamed for the decline of bog turtle populations?

A. Disease
B. Illegal pet trade
C. Unusually cold winters
D. Unusually hot winters

5. How much of the wetlands habitat for bog turtles occurs on private lands?

A. 43 percent
B. 64 percent
C. 82 percent
D. 97 percent


1-A 2-A 3-B 4-B 5-D