Blackbeard was one of the most notorious pirates to terrorize the American colonies, and the Chesapeake region played no small role in the ultimate fate of this legend. How much do you know about Blackbeard?

1. Although no one is certain, most scholars now believe Blackbeard’s real name was:
A. Jack Sparrow
B. Edward Thatch
C. Louis Barber
D. Chester Gold

2. Where was Blackbeard born?
A. America
B. England
C. France
D. Spain

3. During his career, Blackbeard commanded several ships. Two are listed below. Which ones are they?
A. Adventure
B. Mary Celeste
C. Queen Anne’s Revenge
D. Terror

4. What was on Blackbeard’s flag?
A. A skull and crossbones
B. A skeleton holding a glass in one hand and a spear pointed at a heart in another.
C. A sea serpent coiled around a cannon and a broken sword
D. A treasure chest under crossed swords

5. Blackbeard decided to seek a royal pardon offered to pirates who turned themselves in before Sept. 5, 1718. He received it from Gov. Charles Eden and shortly returned to piracy. In one incident, it is believed that he have shared his spoils with Eden. Which colony did Eden govern?
A. Delaware
C. Maryland
B. North Carolina
D. Pennsylvania

6. The governor of the Virginia colony did not take kindly to Blackbeard’s operating so close to his colony and gave Lt. Robert Maynard command of two warships to stop the pirate. During the battle between Blackbeard’s and Maynard’s crews, the pirate’s head was cut off. What was the name of the Virginia governor who ordered the mission against Blackbeard?
A. Robert Dinwiddie
B. Sir William Gooch
C. John Murray
D. Alexander Spotswood

7. After Blackbeard’s death, 15 members of his crew were tried for piracy, and 13 were found and guilty and hanged. In what city did this occur?
A. Jamestown
B. Richmond
C. Williamsburg
D. York

8. Blackbeard’s head was stuck on a pole to serve as a warning to other pirates near the mouth of which Virginia river?
A. Hampton Roads
B. James
C. Pamunkey
D. York

9. True or False? Despite his fearsome reputation, there is no hard evidence that Blackbeard personally killed anyone until his final, fatal battle.

10. One of the more amusing legends about Blackbeard is the behavior of his body, which was thrown into the water after he was killed. The legend states:
A. Blackbeard’s headless body did a jig on the water until a large wave sunk it.
B. Blackbeard’s headless body swam around the ship three times before sinking.
C. Blackbeard’s headless body climbed back aboard the ship and had to be weighed down with a cannonball before sinking.
D. Blackbeard’s headless body, sword in hand, slew a shark that came near, intent on eating him.


1. B
2. B
3. A & C
4. B
5. B
6. D
7. C
8. A
9. True
10. B