Can you match these specialized fields of zoology with their species?

1. Arachnology

2. Conchology

3. Embryology

4. Entomology

5. Helminthology

6. Herpetology

7. Ichthyology

8. Malacology

9. Mammalogy

10. Ornithology

11. Protozoology


A. Birds

B. Early life forms

C. Eggs

D. Fish

E. Insects

F. Mammals

G. Mollusks

H. Mollusks’ shells

I. Reptiles & Amphibians

J. Spiders

K. Worms (especially parasites)


1-J 2-H 3-C 4-E 5-K 6-I 7-D 8-G 9-F 10-A 11-B