I say tomato. You say tomahto. They say love apple? Below are 50 names — but only 25 wildflowers — that are found in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Can you match up each pair of names used for a single species of wildflower?

A. Bluebird Lily

B. Bugbane

C. Butterflyweed

D. Chickweed

E. Devil’s Bit

F. False Dragonhead

G. False Hellebore

H. Ground Ivy

I. Jack-in-the-Pulpit

J. Marsh Marigold

K. Mayapple

L. Orange Hawkweed

M. Otswego Tea

N. Oyster Plant

O. Pennsylvania Smartweed

P. Pie-maker

Q. Pink Lady’s Slipper

R. Queen Anne’s Lace

S. Quaker’s Rouge

T. Soapwort

U. Swamp Pink

V. Trout Lily

W. White Lettuce

X. Wild Coffee

Y. Winterberry

_ _ _ _ _

1. Bee Balm

2. Black Alder

3. Black Cohosh

4. Bouncing Bet

5. Cowslip

6. Devil’s Paintbrush

7. Dogtooth Violet

8. Dragon’s Mouth

9. Fairy Wand

10. Feverwort

11. Gill-over-the-Ground

12. Indian Poke

13. Indian Turnip

14. Mandrake

15. Mullein

16. Obedient Plant

17. Pink Knotweed

18. Pink Moccasin

19. Pleurisy Root

20. Rattlesnake Root

21. Salsify

22. Starwort

23. Velvetleaf

24. Yellow Clintonia

25. Wild Carrot


A-24 B-3 C-19 D-22 E-9 F-16 G-12 H-11 I-13 J-5 K-14 L-6 M-1 N-21 O-17 P-23 Q-18 R-25 S-15 T-4 U-8 V-7 W-20 X-10 Y-2