To better inform the public about efforts to help the Bay and its watershed, the Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay has launched an internet-based Chesapeake Regional Information Service that connects the public to scientists and resource professionals working on restoration activities.

“This new service allows people from across the watershed to tap the knowledge of experts working to restore this great body of water,” said Executive Director David Bancroft. “Citizens will be able to pose questions to restoration leaders without leaving the comfort of their workplace, home or classroom.”

Users will submit questions to the Alliance through

The Alliance will then contact topic-specific experts throughout the watershed and forward those answers back to citizens. A searchable archive will allow users to search previous questions, providing a virtual online encyclopedia of Bay information.

“It’s one-stop shopping for anyone interested in the condition of the Bay,” Bancroft said. replaces the Chesapeake Regional Information Service’s toll-free telephone service formerly available at 800-662-CRIS. Citizens who wish to speak to a CRIS representative can contact the Alliance at 717-236-8825.