While doing research for puzzles over the years, I have collected ticklish tidbits about the Bay or its watershed’s flora and fauna that I couldn’t quite figure out how to incorporate into a Chesapeake Challenge or Bay Buddies. Here is the hodgepodge. Have fun!

1. A mouse can invade a home through a hole the size of a:
A. Ballpoint pen
B. Cell phone charging cord
C. Spaghetti noodle
D. Toothpick

2. Mosquitoes prefer to bite:
A. Bald people
B. Blondes
C. Brunettes
D. Redheads

3. House flies hum in the:
A. Key of A Minor
B. Key of E
C. Key of F
D. Key of G Major

4. A spawning oyster toadfish male trying to attract a mate makes a distinctive call that sounds like a:
A. Firecracker
B. Fog horn.
C. Popping popcorn
D. Wolf whistle

5. In the beginning, the ruby-throated hummingbird’s nest is the size of what nut? (The nest will stretch as its nestlings grow.)
A. Acorn
B. Coconut
C. Peanut
D. Walnut
6. Butterflies can see three colors. Which of these is not one of those colors?
A. Blue
B. Green.
C. Red
D. Yellow

7. Oysters change their sex during their lives. Do they usually:
A. Start out as males and end up as females
B. Start out as females and end up as males

8. The Chesapeake is very shallow. Its average depth (which includes tidal tributaries) is about 21 feet. Its deepest point, 174 feet deep, is off what city:
A. Annapolis
B. Baltimore
C. Norfolk
D. Yorktown

9. Which of these is the wood of choice if one is carving a stake to kill a vampire?
A. Cedar
B. Maple
C. Oak
D. Pine