I loved spending an afternoon at Nick Lapham's unique farm in Rappahanock County, Virginia, for our recent story on a farmer going wild to foster native plants alongside organic vegetables. I left with a car full of stink bugs (the diversity of the property also attracts invasive pests quite nicely) and fully intrigued with this farm's more holistic concept of biodiversity.

In case, after reading the story, you also wanted to learn more about the farm and these concepts, I thought I'd share a longer video presentation by the farm owner and his conservation biologist, Sam Quinn, about growing food and biodiversity side-by-side. The presentation answers more in-depth questions about what, exactly, a conservation biologist who works on a farm does for a living. How does he add value and how does the farm measure the value he's adding?

You can watch the video below and learn more about the farm at its website.