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Pennsylvania’s new Bay plan falls well short of cleanup goals

Pennsylvania’s draft plan to help clean up the Chesapeake Bay falls far short of achieving its 2025 pollution reduction goals, a gap that would jeopardize regional efforts to restore the nation’s largest estuary to healthy conditions.

The state’s draft watershed implementation plan, submitted to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on April 12, says the state “is committed to having all practices and controls in place by 2025.”

But, while the actions outlined in the plan would meet Pennsylvania’s phosphorus goals, they would make only two-thirds of the 34-million-pound nitrogen reduction needed by 2025.

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It’s time to ruffle feathers again – seek actions to protect birds

It was April 28, 1988, and I was aboard Amtrak, heading to Washington, DC, to see the Pennsylvania congressman whose re-election campaign I would soon be running. As the train slowly pulled out of the BWI station, I looked...
Michael Burke | Bay Naturalist 04/19/19

Bay Program’s 2017-18 Bay Barometer shows Chesapeake’s resilience

Pick up any article about the health of the Chesapeake these days and you are sure to see the term “resilient.” It’s become the trendy way of saying that despite pollution continuing to run off into the Bay...
Rachel Felver | Forum 04/09/19

Old Wye Grist Mill still grinding after all these years

It was 1682, the year that Delaware and Philadelphia were founded, and the year that French explorer Robert Cavelier de La Salle canoed into the lower Mississippi River basin, claimed the land for his king (Louis XIV), named...
T.F. Sayles | Bay Journeys Article 04/18/19
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