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Chesapeake Executive Council pledges more help for farmers

Amid concerns that Chesapeake cleanup efforts are lagging and that meeting future goals will be even more challenging, Bay leaders met Tuesday in Baltimore, vowing to stay the course and pump up the effort to help farmers establish water quality projects on their land.

The Chesapeake Executive Council signed a directive urging each state to increase technical assistance — the “boots on the ground” that provide assistance to farmers — to help them install runoff control practices on the more than 83,000 farms located in the Bay watershed.

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Hear, here! Brown thrasher’s songs alert you to its presence

A light rain was falling as dawn struggled to life. The sun didn’t so much rise as reluctantly brighten the landscape. I was tired and a little cranky that this endless rain might confine us indoors for yet another...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 07/27/18

Local government input matters in developing cleanup plans

So, how are we doing at cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay? Are the investments we’re making in our communities improving water quality? These are questions that we, the members of the Chesapeake Bay Local Government...
Bruce R. Williams | Forum 08/16/18

Thomas Point a beacon for mariners, historians alike

I once heard the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse described as a Victorian rendition of a lunar landing module. It’s an absurd image that stuck with me, not just for its succinct visual depiction of the structure —...
Kimbra Cutlip | Bay Journeys Article 07/12/18
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