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Lafayette River oyster reefs reach habitat restoration milestone

Once among the Chesapeake Bay’s filthiest tributaries, the Lafayette River has become the first Virginia waterway to have its oyster habitat declared fully restored.

“We’ve done it. Feel proud,” Marjorie Mayfield Jackson, executive director of the Elizabeth River Project, told a cheering crowd during an October ceremony celebrating the milestone. The Lafayette flows into the Elizabeth River, which empties into the Chesapeake Bay near its mouth at the Atlantic Ocean.

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Standing out!

“Look” at the animal, plant or mineral in each of these lists. Three share a common trait that the fourth does not. Can you figure out which one stands out from the rest, as well as what the other three have in...
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State pollution-permitting must be reformed to adapt to climate change

Recent extreme weather — Hurricanes Harvey and Florence — caused widespread toxic contamination of floodwaters after low-lying chemical plants, coal ash storage facilities and hog waste lagoons were inundated....
David Flores | Forum 11/01/18

Western Maryland railroad turns on charm at every bend

I’ve always been fascinated by the influence of topography on where humans have decided to set up camp over the millennia. Here in the Chesapeake Bay region, as recently as a few centuries ago, settlements in coastal...
T.F. Sayles | Bay Journeys Article 11/09/18
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