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Spotted lanternfly, a dire threat to crops, shows up in MD

The spotted lanternfly, an exotic insect that feeds like a vampire on the sap of fruit orchards and hardwood trees, has been detected for the first time in Maryland, setting off alarm bells in the agricultural industry.

The Maryland Department of Agriculture announced Oct. 25 that it had found a single adult specimen in a trap in the northeastern corner of Cecil County, at the northern end of the Bay. The county borders Pennsylvania and Delaware, two states where lanternflies had previously been discovered.

Maryland officials said they are moving to stop the invasion in its tracks.

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  • Jeremy Cox

Gifts for the holidays, resolutions for the New Year!

With the holiday season upon us, our attention turns to giving gifts to friends and family or ways to contribute to charities. Thoughts also turn toward New Year’s resolutions as we look for ways to improve ourselves or...
Kathy Reshetiloff | Bay Naturalist 12/07/18

Groups would rather fight for the Bay than have to fight over funding

What if we did not have to focus our resources to battle the new administration and keep the cleanup from shutting down? We could have spent the last two years working to increase, rather than preserve Bay funding; focused on...
Chanté Coleman | Forum 12/06/18

Otsego Lake only a glimmer of great Susquehanna to come

The Susquehanna River starts its 444-mile journey as a lazy creek in Cooperstown, NY. It begins as an outflow from Otsego Lake, where its southern tip abuts the town. It then flows slowly under the Main Street Bridge before...
Donna Morelli | Bay Journeys Article 12/06/18
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