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Livestock fencing needs to pick up pace in Shenandoah Valley

Time seems to slow down in the Shenandoah Valley, where the pastoral act of raising livestock for a living appears as unchanged by the years as the emerald-green hills on either side of Interstate 81. But almost a decade has passed since Virginia first set a goal to have farmers build fences along nearly every Chesapeake Bay-bound stream that livestock could otherwise access in the state.

As much as animals like to wade in and drink from the streams that cut across countless pastures here, their hooves and feces wreak havoc on local and regional water quality. For two decades, federal and state governments have provided varying levels of funding to reimburse farmers who install fences and alternative watering sources.

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Cape May warbler has its own part to play in spring’s avian orchestra

I stood on the boardwalk and turned to the early morning sun. I felt the warmth on my face and closed my eyes. The dawn chorus of birds enveloped me. As I listened intently, I could make out several familiar songs. There was...
Michael Burke | On the Wing 05/15/19

When it came to the Bay, Hughes was more than up to the challenge

“Harry Hughes Horton.” Sounds good, don’t ya think? A missed opportunity that I’ll explain in a bit. I always had a soft spot for Harry R. Hughes, Maryland’s governor from 1979 to 1987, who died...
Tom Horton | Chesapeake Born 05/17/19

Harboring a desire to see Baltimore waterfront from another perspective? Paddle up!

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor might not make anyone’s top 10 list of places they’ve dreamed of exploring by kayak. It can be a busy — and at certain times, funky — body of water in the heart of the...
Timothy B. Wheeler | Bay Journeys Article 05/17/19
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