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Seeking a park with a view, not a pee-ew

Recently, my family and I have taken to hiking in Robert E. Lee Park in the evenings.

I use the word hiking loosely, as my children are 4 and 10. We walk to the playground, then amble for about 20 minutes on one of the paths, before heading back just before it appears that the sun is setting. (My husband doesn’t like heat or bright sun, or we would go earlier.)


Oysters and more on Midday on the Bay

We had a lot of fun Tuesday on Midday on the Bay., with oyster aquaculture, Goldsboro's septic problems, and the Potomac getting Trumped all up for discussion.


Kid fun exploring the waterfront by taxi

Today we continue looking at summer fun. After kayaking Pittsburgh, swimming at Savage Neck and exploring the beaches at Crisfield, I was eager to take my daughter someplace closer to home. I live in Baltimore, so naturally, I picked the Harbor.

Usually, we spend at least one day each summer down at the Inner Harbor spending money. And when I say money, I mean a lot of money....

A river’s-eye view of The City of Bridges

This is how you do urban kayaking.

You park in a downtown garage, walk two blocks, and duck under a bridge right next to a beautiful baseball stadium. There is a stream of people, but no line at a small desk. No maps, no instruction, just a waiver to sign, a credit card to leave lest you abscond with the boat, and a quick lesson on how to hold the paddle. Then you put on a life...

Summer Fun: Great beaches on Virginia’s bayside eastern shore

Earlier, we talked about Maryland beaches. Now, we turn our attention south to Virginia.

I haven’t spent as much time in Virginia, but I’m impressed by what I’ve seen of the state park and natural area system. Beautiful, well-managed parks, with kayaks and bikes to rent, and lodges for sleeping for those who don’t like camping.

On the Eastern Shore, three beaches come to...

Summer Fun: Quick beach getaways

I admit it - I sort of dread beach vacations.

Or, really any vacations to anywhere.

When you have kids, vacations are more work than working. There’s no break time. And my kids, ages 10 and 4, are not fans of the long car trip. We always forget something important, like that extra pair of shoes or the eczema cream. And my littlest one doesn’t sleep well outside of her own...

Summer Fun: Find a ferry

Summer can be tough on working parents. It’s hard to figure out what to do with your kids. Camps are expensive, and often, there isn’t space because you wait until the last minute to realize you need one. Movies? I took my family of four to see Minions in 3D and it cost $70! There are various attractions, but they add up, too.

The good thing, though, is that nature is free. And...

Maryland Changing its tune?

My problem with the song goes beyond its Confederate sympathies. My problem with Maryland, My Maryland, is that it’s not about my Maryland, and it’s probably not about yours, either.

My Maryland is salt marshes and sea turtles, white clapboard houses and screen paintings. It’s bustling cities and quaint, flag-waving towns. It’s a place where people came to be free, or become...

Where is everyone?

I wondered, why are people not exploring the outdoors close to home? I asked a couple of friends, fellow parents, why that is. One claimed he couldn’t get his 8-year-old away from his screen for more than 30 minutes. Another said fellow parents are terrified of Lyme disease. Still another said it’s not worth the bug bites.

Paddling the Baltimore Harbor: A Gift from the city

Sunday was my birthday, and the city of Baltimore and the Waterfront Partnership gave me a lovely gift:  A beautiful morning of kayaking the flat waters of Baltimore Inner Harbor. They threw in a charming Australian guide, a lovely group of fellow paddlers and temperatures that were stifling on land but quite comfortable from the reclining seat of a kayak.

Of course, reporters...

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