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MD House passes cownose ray fishing contest moratorium

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Maryland is getting closer to at least a temporary moratorium on the killing of cownose rays in bowfishing contests, a summer pastime that has angered animal-rights groups and as well as many fishermen.

By a vote of 119 to 21, Maryland’s House of Delegates passed HB 211 Wednesday, which would impose a moratorium on such contests until July 1, 2019, and require the Maryland...

MD lawmakers grill Hogan administration over crab manager’s firing

Hogan administration officials refused to answer lawmakers’ questions Monday about why the state’s longtime blue crab manager was fired after watermen had complained to Gov. Larry Hogan about a crabbing regulation they wanted eased.

Appearing before an unusual joint hearing of House and Senate committees, Natural Resources Secretary Mark Belton acknowledged that the Hogan...

MD lawmakers call hearing on DNR crab manager’s firing

Maryland lawmakers have scheduled a special hearing to investigate the Hogan administration’s firing of the state’s longtime manager of the blue crab fishery.

The House Environment and Transportation Committee and the Senate Education, Health, and Environmental Affairs Committee plan to meet jointly Monday to seek more information on the termination last month of Brenda...

MD Natural Resources Police fights to keep its eyes in the sky

Last Thanksgiving, the Maryland Natural Resources Police got something for which they could truly be thankful: A helicopter.

After seven years with no eyes in the sky, the NRP got its 1972 Bell Jet Ranger back.  The police aviation unit, founded nearly 70 years ago, had been eliminated by the previous administration in a cost-cutting move in 2009, and the helicopter was...

Kilns may again draw people to Cromwell Valley

Cromwell Valley Park near Towson, MD, has always seemed a place apart, a throwback to the days when this corner of Baltimore County was an agricultural valley. After passing the Big Screen Store, a beltway intersection and a busy high school, visitors are presented with 460 acres of trails, meadows and the Mine Bank Run stream valley.

This tucked-away getaway is popular with...

Maryland crab manager’s firing criticized

A Virginia crab scientist and some watermen have joined conservationists and a Maryland lawmaker in expressing concern over the firing of Maryland’s veteran overseer of the blue crab fishery.

Those speaking out said they feared the termination of Brenda Davis, crab program manager for the Department of Natural Resources, indicated that the Hogan administration is politicizing...

Maryland’s veteran crab manager fired after watermen complain to Hogan

Maryland’s veteran manager of the state’s blue crab fishery was fired this week after a group of watermen complained to Gov. Larry Hogan about a catch regulation that they contend hurts their livelihood — but that scientists say is needed to ensure a sustainable harvest.

Brenda Davis, crab program manager for the Department of Natural Resources and a 28-year state employee,...

Climate change, development loom on Nanticoke’s horizon

Sometimes, rivers shout their troubles. They catch fire. Or change color. Other times, they whisper, degrading slowly over time. And some cry for help in a voice so small that passersby can’t hear them at all; only those who know them well recognize the signs.

The Nanticoke River falls into the third category: Beautiful to look at now, but scientists and conservationists worry...

Maryland’s seafood marketing headed back to where it came from

If the Hogan Administration has its way, Maryland’s seafood marketing will go back to its roots — at the state’s agriculture department.

The administration has introduced a bill that, if passed, would shift responsibility and resources for promoting Maryland’s seafood from its current home at the Department of Natural Resources to the Department of Agriculture, where it was...

MD Senate approves moratorium on ray tournaments

The Maryland Senate unanimously approved a bill Monday night that would impose a moratorium on contests to kill cownose rays in the Chesapeake Bay while the Department of Natural Resources develops a plan for managing the species.

The vote was 46-0 on the bill, SB 268, which had been amended. The original measure, sponsored by Sen. Ronald Young, a Frederick County Democrat,...

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