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One pipeline through VA clears hurdles; another in PA gets fined for violations

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A natural gas pipeline proposed to cross Virginia cleared two more regulatory hurdles last week, while Pennsylvania regulators announced a crackdown on multiple pollution violations that have occurred in the construction of another pipeline across that state.

Federal energy regulators gave a generally positive environmental assessment of the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline,...

VA city’s artificial wetland the real deal in slowing stormwater pollution

Historically, cities and towns relegated stormwater treatment to the unseen places: The backs of buildings, the edges of town. A pond that held runoff containing the detritus of urban life — water mixed with heavy metals and fertilizer, motor oil and animal waste — was not the prettiest town amenity.

But Waynesboro, VA is bringing stormwater treatment to the...

VA city most affected by mercury pollution feels slighted in settlement

Last December, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe announced a $50 million settlement between the state, federal officials and DuPont to fix decades of mercury contamination in two rivers caused by the giant chemical corporation’s former factory in Waynesboro.

But six months later, some city officials and residents say they feel Waynesboro is in danger of getting short shrift in the...

Critics say pipeline would excavate 38 miles of ridgetops

Environmental groups opposed to the construction of a natural gas pipeline across Virginia and West Virginia have raised a new concern, charging that the project will require the excavation of 38 miles of ridgetops through the Allegheny and Blue Ridge Mountains, leading to severe erosion, runoff pollution and habitat loss.

Drawing on information gleaned from the Draft...

Algae blooms sprout lawsuit over polluted Virginia river

Four conservation groups have filed suit accusing the Environmental Protection Agency of failing to address pollution from agricultural runoff afflicting the Shenandoah River. The groups contend that the EPA is letting Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality classify the river as “unimpaired,” which they say is a violation of the Clean Water Act.

In a complaint filed May...

Virginia faulted for handling of cattle pollution in Shenandoah

The Shenandoah Valley of Virginia is treasured for its natural beauty, its mountains and rivers, and its recreational opportunities. The Valley is also home to hundreds of farms, some of them dating back to colonial days, where cattle are the primary livestock.

But those cows are a major source of pollution, according to a new report by the Environmental Integrity Project. The...

Virginia gas pipeline project clears hurdle

Developers of a disputed natural gas pipeline project across Virginia cleared a major regulatory hurdle recently, as the U.S. Forest Service gave its go-ahead to plans to tunnel through the Blue Ridge Mountains to avoid popular attractions like the Appalachian Trail and Blue Ridge Parkway.

The Virginia Department of Environmental Quality, meanwhile, left Atlantic Coast Pipeline...

Experts trying to explain recent deaths of 5 whales off VA coast

It’s been a grim new year for whales off the coast of Virginia, with a flurry of casualties that has experts dumbfounded.

In the month of February alone, four humpback whales turned up dead. Three washed ashore — the first near Hampton Roads, the second on the Eastern Shore and the third on Cape Henry — all apparently after being struck by large ships, and two with apparent...

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