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Implementation of new Coast Guard ballast water regs doomed to fail

Karl Blankenship’s article, Organisms in ballast water increasing despite discharge measures, (June 2017) summarizes recent research into why tens of billions of nonnative aquatic organisms introduced into the Chesapeake each year in the ballast water discharged by ships visiting Bay ports pose a significant and growing threat to the Bay’s health. That research showed an alarming fivefold increase in these biological invasions since 2005, the year the U.S. Coast Guard was supposed to start implementing ballast water regulations to address the problem.

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Trees, please

I went out to the hazel wood, Because a fire was in my head. —William Butler Yeats People feel better out under the trees. So do most songbirds, owls, butterflies and brook trout. So do our creeks, soil microbes and water...


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