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In his poem, “The Brook,” Alfred Tennyson wrote:

“I come from haunts of coot and hern,

I make a sudden sally

And sparkle out among the fern,

To bicker down a valley.”

Ferns crop up all over the watershed, but how much do we really know about them? Test your knowledge here.

1. Approximately how many species of fern and their allies are found in the world?

A. 5,000

B. 10,000

C. 17,000 ...

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Bears & Snakes!

Some people won’t hike in an area where they fear they might run into a bear or snake. The chance of encountering one of these creatures is very small, and if you take precautions, the chance of being injured is even smaller. Here are...

Appalachian Trail quiz

Chances are that if you or your family like to hike, you have already walked on part of the Appalachian Trail. Hikes can last anywhere from half a day to a multi-day backpacking trip. Then there are the thru-hikers: Hardy souls/soles who...

Sea cucumbers

There are more than 1,200 sea cucumbers in the world’s oceans and their bays. The Chesapeake Bay is home to two of these creatures, the common sea cucumber and the pale sea cucumber. Take this quiz to learn more about these amazing...

Wish list!

It’s the time of year when many of us make wish lists about what we would like to find under our trees. Here are some Chesapeake Bay watershed creatures, and lists of what they might want to find in or under a tree as well as under...

National parks

The National Park Service is celebrating its 100th birthday this year. There are almost 100 NPS sites in the Chesapeake watershed, ranging from national parks and trails to historic sites and farms to military parks and memorials....


Bony “skeletons” will be out and about this Halloween, looking for treats. In the natural world, the structure and shape of a creature’s bones influence the physical “tricks,” or adaptations, that help it...


Lightning strikes thousands of people every year. Those struck directly by lightning usually die. Take this quiz and use what you learn from it to help avoid becoming one of lightning’s unfortunate victims. Answers are below. 1....

The hands have it!

Evolution can be quite handy, literally. The front paws, fins, feet or the equivalent for each of the Chesapeake creatures below are adapted to meet its needs. Can you match the animal to the description of its forelimb or equivalent?...

Pond perfect!

A pond provides food, shelter and water for the plant and animals listed here. Can you match each with its description? Answers below. Beaver Bluegill Common snapping turtle Duckweed Green heron Spotted aalamander Water...

Bald eagles!

How much do you know about our nation’s national bird, the bald eagle? Take this quiz to find out. To watch a live eagle nest, visit the Pennsylvania "Nest Cam," which covers a bald eagles' nest near Hanover, PA, during the winter...


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