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Will oyster aquaculture clean up the Potomac? Not so fast

A recent study has some folks thinking that oyster aquaculture could be the solution for nitrogen pollution in the Bay.

Karl Blankenship
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Tadpole Mom

Recently, some of our neighbors moved to a house that backs to the Loch Raven Reservoir and invited us over. They have a pond full of tadpoles. Maya fished some out and asked if we could take them home. A negotiation ensued, with my husband advocating for just one and Maya wanting five. We settled on three.

Rona Kobell
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Cherry blossoms bring tourists, loads of trash to D.C.

D.C. trash crews were overwhelmed with an influx of tourists this weekend as the cherry blossoms bloomed.

Whitney Pipkin

Picture This

Tips from veteran Chesapeake Bay photographer Dave Harp about how to capture the perfect images from your outdoor travels.

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Order of Chaos

Photographers go to great lengths to make order out of chaos. A good photograph has a strong point of view, clean lines, generally good composition. In this case chaos IS the point. Anyone who has ever witnessed a flock of snow geese erupt into flight knows that the sight and sounds of those birds says chaos to the extreme.    This flock was photographed with a 200mm lens, 2x tele extender, Olympus E-5 camera, 1250/sec. @ f5.6. ISO 200. The scene was made at Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge just after sunrise, thin cloud cover.

David Harp
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January morning along the Choptank River

It was a very cold pre dawn January morning along the Choptank River.   Out to capture some winter scenes (since we didn't really have winter last year). I found this ice encrusted plant and made a photo in the early morning light.    Wanting more drama in the photo I waited until the rising sun barely kissed it and made another exposure. Sometimes is pays to wait for the light.Both photographs were made with an Olympus E-5, 12-60mm lens at 21mm.  

David Harp
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Virginia oystermen in Kegotank Bay

I had been out most of the day photographing a pair of seaside Virginia oystermen in Kegotank Bay, near Gargatha Inlet and was generally pleased with the day's work.  The two watermen had been picking up clumps of oysters, breaking them apart with  culling hammers and saving the prime ones in wire baskets.    Having finished the last few photos of them off loading the oysters, I began to pack up my camera and audio gear when I caught another oyster picker out of the corner of my eye.   He was celebrating a 4 bushel day (at $50 per bushel) with a Colt 45.  His wonderful demeanor, working man's wardrobe and the nice late afternoon light made for a great combination.

David Harp

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