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EPA posts draft 2016-17 milestones on website

Bay Jurisdictions have started submitting their draft  2016-17 “milestones,” which establish nutrient reduction goals and program activities they plan to undertake through the end of next year, to the Environmental Protection Agency for review.

Karl Blankenship

Sen. Middleton named Bay Commission chair

Maryland Sen. Thomas “Mac” Middleton was recently elected as chair for 2016 of the Chesapeake Bay Commission, an advisory panel that represents the state legislatures of Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Middleton takes over leadership from Virginia Del. Scott Lingamfelter, a Republican who represents parts of Fauquier and Prince William counties.

Karl Blankenship
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Getting Livie About Oysters

From Jonathan Swift to M.F.K. Fisher, Ernest Hemingway to Anton Chekhov, writers of the world have long been enamored with the oysters of the world.

What is it about these morsels of the sea that so captivates us? As Swift once famously said, “It was a bold man who first ate an oyster.” (Swift apparently borrowed the quote from writer Thomas Fuller, and ascribed some other strange properties to the oyster that, scientifically, it is not known to have.

I remember not liking my first one, consumed on a camping trip and “Chincotized” in the salty waters of the bay. But my second one? It was roasted in the oven, topped with bacon and cheese, and served in the warmth of a country club next to the farmer who harvested it. That oyster remains the best thing I have ever eaten.

Rona Kobell

Picture This

Tips from veteran Chesapeake Bay photographer Dave Harp about how to capture the perfect images from your outdoor travels.

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Pond paddle provides lovely setting for photos

I always try to get out and make some photos on the solstices and equinoxes,  and an assignment to illustrate a story about Trap Pond allowed me to chase the morning light there a few hours after this year’s Autumnal equinox.   It’s an amazingly beautiful patch of wild Delaware near Laurel and will be featured in the November issue of the Bay Journal.   The pond, created in the 18th century to power a saw mill to convert the trees into board feet of lumber,  is the epicenter of the northern most stand of bald cypress trees in the United States.   The relatively young trees in the middle of the pond were planted in the 1930’s when the water level  was drawn down to allow the trees to grow.    Once they’re heads are above the water they seem to do fine in an aquatic environment.  Be sure to look for a more complete story about Trap Pond State Park by Tom Horton in the November issue of the Bay Journal.

David Harp
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Want to take some really cool photos?

Bundle up and take advantage of the opportunities for great photos provided the the crisp air, and low angle of sunlight, during winter months.

David Harp
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Photographers’ reliable “standby”

While cameras have changed much over the past century, one ingredient of good photos has remained largely the same — the tripod.

David Harp

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