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Summer Fun: Quick beach getaways

Maryland's Bayside beaches

  • By Rona Kobell on July 27, 2015
Sun, sand, water -- is there a better way for a kid to spend a summer day? (Rona Kobell)

I admit it - I sort of dread beach vacations.

Or, really any vacations to anywhere.

When you have kids, vacations are more work than working. There’s no break time. And my kids, ages 10 and 4, are not fans of the long car trip. We always forget something important, like that extra pair of shoes or the eczema cream. And my littlest one doesn’t sleep well outside of her own room.

But I do like the beach. So, beach day trips become the perfect solution. Plus, much cheaper if you don’t have to spend the night. And since I live in Baltimore, I mostly go to Maryland’s bayside beaches. (But I’ve been to Virginia beaches, too, and will tell about them in my next post).

Here’s an article I wrote for The Sun last summer about beach day trips.

Some, like Sandy Point and Rocky Point, require admission fees. But Betterton Beach, north of Chestertown on the Sassafras River, does not.

Another beach discovery last summer: Crisfield. Make a right at the Family Dollar store and you will be rewarded with a lovely Chesapeake Bay playground. We saw crabs, schools of menhaden and clear water. Not crowded. After a swim, there are several places to grab a soft crab in the seafood capital of the world.

I would also recommend getting an ice cream at the City Dock and watching the ferry boats cross Tangier Sound.

Crisfield would be a long daytrip from Baltimore or Washington, but doable. Maybe better to plan a quick visit to Tangier Island, which also has a lovely and free beach, and spend the night either in Crisfield or on the island. For more on Tangier’s charms, see here.

Day trips to Smith Island, also out of Crisfield, are a possibility, too. For more on Smith, check out this article.

Coming up next: Virginia beaches. Not Virginia Beach, but the other ones.

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